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No Heel, No Problem

Pick stability and security for your toddler as they paint the town red. Our toddler ballet flats are easily slip-on with an elastic strap for both security and flexibility as they run. Choose from patterns and designs that are perfect for kids of all ages. We believe in keeping kids grounded with safe girls flats shoes and toddler ballet flats in general. Go girls flat shoes and discover no heels, no problem

Build Confidence

Express individualism with little girl's flat shoes in a variety of patterns and colors. Black, white, or nude but we offer more than classic looks. We offer inspiring patterns for the budding artist. Choose Wedding flats littered with pretty flowers and birds. Check out our girls flats designed with a large beaming bow. Individual style and preference are on the front display in our Kids Flat Shoes Collection.

Bold Kid Fashion

More than anything, you want kid's flat shoes that can support your kids in every way that you do. Bold kid fashion that keeps your child safe while they play. Secondary to this wish is the desire for kids to fit in. Kids want to fit in and Dream Pairs keeps this desire for new friends in mind when designing little girl's flats shoes. We envision a future where any kid at any age has access to bold fresh fashion. Our girls ballet Flat Shoes collection is certainly a good place to start.  

Popular Types of Kids Flats 

Choosing the right shoes for your kids is so important, as it makes a long-term difference in the overall body stability, and safety while they run around. When comfort is out of the way, you also want to look for the most beautiful and versatile ones that bring a cute smile to your kid’s face and fit perfectly with her preferred outfits.

Kids Ballet Flats

Toddler Ballet flats are one of the most popular type of kids flats. Talk about versatility, our girl's ballet flats can be worn with just about any outfit in your little girls’ closet. Think of them when your kid is out with her adorable jeans and top, when she is dazzling and jumping around in her skimpy dress, or when she’s so happy to flaunt out her new skirt. Our girl's flat shoes are a perfect match for any occasion.

But there’s more! These girl's flats are comfortable pair of shoes your kids will pray for! Looking good doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the comfort of your soles or endure the pinching and hitching of painful footwear. Dream Pairs classic toddler ballet flats come with cushioned insoles, a synthetic upper, and all-round softness that will put your little one’s feet in premium comfort.

You also get the extra advantage of the slip-on design, allowing you to put on and take off the shoes without stress. Whichever style or color of our ballet flat shoes you choose, you can never be wrong in styling them. Nonetheless, remember that kids love those shining ones and appreciate all the extra details.

Rhinestone Flats

Talking of shining flat shoes for kids, rhinestones take the lead! Adults appreciate the glamorous and appealing look of rhinestone flats. But guess what? Kids will go the extra mile to show their friends what they’ve got! You need at least a pair of these stunning shoes in your kids’ closet if you care about making her shine bright like a diamond or spark like a star.

And like ballet and ballerinas, these amazing flats are perfect for any occasion. For the uninformed, rhinestone flats are ballet flats with the addition of shiny stones for a majestic feel and look. So, don’t hesitate to throw them on when your girl is dazzling in that fluffy, white wedding dress for her bridesmaid role. That’s how to stand out in the crowd effortlessly. Our rhinestone flats for kids don’t just scream comfort; they're of outstanding quality as well.

Mary Jane Flats

Mary Jane flats bring back sweet memories. These low-cut single-strapped leather shoes were every girl’s dream footwear for school dresses.Mary Jane flats are popular among students. There’s no time to introduce your favorite toddler to this piece of a glimmering fashion staple than now.

If you're on the lookout for the perfect school shoes for your daughter, you'll love this black girl’s Mary Jane School shoes. It features flexible soles for firm support, a sturdy back pad to prevent chaffing, and an adjustable strap for a snug fit.

Flat Sandals

Another popular type of flat shoes for boys and girls is sandals! When summer is around the corner, and the desire for shoes is fading away, your toddler needs a pair of comfortable flat sandals to move around.

Your little ones will love the comfort and freedom they get from wearing flat sandals; the velcro straps that make putting them on and off effortless, and the versatility that makes them a perfect fit with skirts, jeans, dresses, and many outfits.

Knitted Flats

Talk about comfort and flexibility. Our knitted girls flat shoes can handle anything you throw their way. These neatly knitted shoes are super comfy, thanks to their breathable mesh upper. They adapt and fit snugly into any foot shape with no feeling of discomfort.

In terms and styling, these toddler flats aren’t limited to a particular fashion sense or style. Feel free to try it with various outfits and occasions. From those warm knitted dresses to skinny pants, sweaters, gowns, and everything, you can never go wrong with our pair of girls' knitted flats.

Bow Flats

Ballet flats with bows is that pair of shoes that will make your little ones jump for joy and be in haste to put them on immediately after they see them. It’s not strange that kids love it when it is shiny, glamorous, and has some extra details, and that’s what you get with our Dream Praise bow flats.

Besides the unmatching comfort they offer with our premium materials, one advantage of these pretty princess footwear is that you can pair them up with a variety of outfits in your girl’s closet. They are a perfect match for formal and casual occasions. Whether you go for the flashy red, elegant white, or classic black color of this pair, you’ll usually have endless styling options.


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