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Platform Sandals Style Guides

There is no other better time to dust off your shoe racks or start keeping your feet on the ground if you already have a pair of platform sandals than now. Platform sandals are an all-year-round shoe that keeps you on track with different female outfits you may plan for your next outing(s). Aside from the comfort these sandals provide, they are versatile enough to be worn with both formal and casual attire.

While styling most heeled shoes often seems like a tough nut to crack, platform-heeled sandals are an easy walkover as long as you know what it takes. Even though you'd want to keep your legs in shape while raising it an inch or more, you can always have it in form with the chunky platform sandals. Perhaps, you are considering how to style the arrays of other platform sandals? Here is how to do that:

Wear with Dress

Dresses with platform sandals are feminine, and it is one of the simplest ways to make that intriguing fashion statement you intend to make with your sandals. Thinking about being professional in this ensemble? A black dress paired with black platform sandals is bossy, and you will get nothing less than a dapper look when styled with other neutral dress colors.

Wearing a short-sleeved mini dress with your platform sandals is a perfect match, and choosing a combination with long-sleeved mini dresses is not out of place. Having your platform sandals with a maxi dress might seem like a vague choice, but there is no harm in trying it out if it appeals to your mind. If you've got a favorite sundress, rock it with platform sandals while it is warm. It is what it is.

Platform sandals with dresses are appropriate for you to wear to parties, dinners, or family get-togethers. Yet, we suggest you opt for not-too-high sandals when attending parties to keep things in form. A handbag is also a perfect complement, and it will complete the ensemble.

Wear with Jeans

Jeans, like platform shoes, are all-year-round wear, irrespective of when you choose to wear them. Aside from the various styles that you can create from your jeans and platform sandals, jeans are one of the best female apparel to opt for if you want to style your sandals. The pair is casual, yet simple and stylish.

If you want to keep things casual, just like it is, you can go for ripped jeans with a crop top that displays your ankle and skin in these shoes. While you might wish to change the tone and make it more formal, styling the jeans with a t-shirt is appropriate, and it is what you can try outdoors. Wearing the pair with a jacket is quite neat, or you can keep things as it is.

Aside from wearing these ensembles outdoors, they are appropriate for you to wear to other casual events. While you may be picky with colors, opt for blue jeans with black platform wedge sandals

Wear with Shorts / Skirts

Wearing shorts with your platform sandals is not out of order, and it is one of the fashionable styles you can try out today if you have not. Besides the comfort and stylish tones the style offers, you can leverage it outdoors if you aim to keep things simple. To a greater extent, it reveals your leg and makes you look taller if you are short-sized.

Whether you select short denim or a miniskirt, pair it with your top to head out on a date with your friend. While a loose-flow tunic blouse is not out of place, you can tie the hem in a knot to make it look more stylish. To change your style, let your top slide over the shorts or opt for a well-fitted top to make it look vogue.

Although neutral tones of black, and brown platform sandals are perfect with these shorts, you can go monochrome by wearing white shorts with white platform sandals. No worries. The goal is to keep it simple.

Wear with Jumpsuits

One of the other ways to style your platform sandals is to wear them with a jumpsuit. If you have got these apparel in your wardrobe, consider styling them with your platform sandals, and they will look fitted. While you can pair them with high-heel platform sandals, you can also maintain the style with a low-heel.

To keep things stylish, black jumpsuits on black sandals are perfect. Yet, you can try out other colors if you want to try something different. However, if you are willing to get something more elegant, try it out with a long loose jacket.

Sandals are generally casual, and you may believe there is no need to dress them up. However, abandon the idea. When it comes to platform sandals, you can wear them with a range of formal and casual outfits. All you only need to know is the styling and getting it right with your other outfits.

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